Bill Grace is the Founder and Director of the New Story Community. For the past 35 years he has advanced a values-based model of leadership to advance a more just society. Today he is convinced that values and leadership alone will be insufficient to address the challenges in our midst.

He now believes that only when we partner with Spirit will our vision be fresh enough and our actions wise enough to free from the grip of an Old Story that has become toxic. It is his hope that the New Story Community programs will help prepare people to be more effective collaborative partners with Spirit in the co-creation of a New Story that will be good for all life.


Robert McElroy is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor, and he hasn’t had the luxury of ignoring the mental/emotional influence of our rapidly changing environment because it shows up with each patient that walks through his door. Participation in The New Story Community has been an important factor toward creating a practice of hope for himself and the community he serves.

Aimee Huyck is a healer and seeker of sacred truths. This journey has brought her to the understanding that our first responsibility is the cultivation and care of our authentic Self (aka our Souls), only then can we experience the joy of living a life with purpose, which invariably will involve using our unique gifts in service to others.

Katie Sedgwick works in the aerospace industry advancing employee engagement, workplace safety, and environmental initiatives.  She is an avid yogi and meditator, who enjoys learning, traveling, and supporting other women as they embark on their unique paths to actualization.