We believe that living and leading well in our tumultuous times requires us each to embrace three duties:

• Knowing What Time It Is
• Disconnecting From the Old
• Welcoming the New

Knowing What Time It Is, requires a long loving look at the real.

Many people are noticing the world is not the way it used to be. It just doesn’t seem the reliable, finely-tuned machine we used to know. Unpredictability and uncertainty prevail in the economy, politics, even nature. Everything we used to know and count on seems up for grabs now. We can only guess at the world our kids will grow old in, not to mention their kids.

In essence, what used to work just isn’t working any more. The story that we lived by, that guided our expectations of life seems to have passed its expiration date. Our Old Story is ending?

Disconnecting From the Old requires that we consciously release ourselves from the grip of the Old Story.

We do that by, emptying ourselves of our ego’s desires, which causes us to adopt a more humble posture and in doing so become capable of being led by Spirit, with a living sense of hope

This inner work is essential because “only transformed people transform people.”

Connecting to the New requires that we surrender to Spirit’s wisdom and timetable.

Otherwise our premature actions could truncate Spirit’s intentions and leave us with an insufficient response to our present challenges. The hardest part of connecting to the New is the practice of active waiting. This includes, seeking to live and lead well in liminal space by balancing doing and non-doing and serving as stewards of the common good while safeguarding our hearts.

“Only people of Spirit change things. The rest of us just rearrange them.”

Any time an old story ends, and it has happened many times in the history of civilization on Earth, a New Story must unfold and as we connect to the New and defer to Spirit’s lead we become Stewards of the New Story.